Popcorn Ceiling requires an Expert Painter

Popcorn ceiling, stucco ceiling or acoustic ceiling are the equal names of the bumpy textured ceiling that changed into common in the closing century. If you want to get rid of the stucco ceiling, it’s miles high-quality to take assist of a painter. Learn why removal of popcorn ceiling on your very own may be hazardous on your fitness.

In Nineteen Fifties, stucco ceiling or ‘popcorn ceiling’ become in fashion. It allowed owners to hide ceiling flaws and even improve acoustics in a room. Because of its low renovation and hearth-resistant functions, it turned into extensively conventional in houses. However, the past due Eighties and Nineteen Nineties noticed a constant decline inside the use of stucco ceiling when it came to mild that few stucco mixtures contained asbestos. Today, popcorn ceilings provide your property an outdated look and that they attract dirt debris that can have an impact in your family’s health. If your home has a damaged stucco wall or ceiling that is crumbling down, it is fine to dispose of it.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal – Not each Job is DIY

Removing stucco ceiling is a messy, tedious and time-eating affair. It starts offevolved with doing away with all of the fixtures and lighting fixtures from the room. Once you have got prep the room, you want to spray the ceiling with water and allow the popcorn ceiling texture to take in it. Once the feel becomes wet, you’ll need to scrape the ceiling slowly with a scraper. The task may also appear a easy one which may be completed over the weekend but wet ceiling may be too messy to handle.

Why you want an Experienced Painter to dispose of Stucco Ceiling?

1. The Asbestos Issue

In the old days, popcorn ceiling or acoustic ceiling contained strains of asbestos. When the authorities realized that it can motive lung most cancers and numerous different diseases, it became banned. If your house changed into constructed earlier than 1980s, there’s a large chance that the crumbling ceiling carries asbestos. You want to check the ceiling for asbestos residue and lease an professional painter for managing the popcorn ceiling.

2. Refinishing the Ceiling is a Task

Removing the popcorn ceiling doesn’t quit the tale. Once the complete texture is scraped off, all of the cracks, holes, seams, patches and other flaws might be seen. It manner you cannot depart the ceiling as it’s far. You want to easy the ceiling and refinish it to restore the splendor of the room. It calls for the talent and expertise of a painter to repair the drywall and paint it superbly so that it suits the relaxation of the partitions.

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